Chen + Miller : East - West

In 2002 Nick Miller curated a visit to Ireland by Chinese artist Chen ZhongSen. His work includes Microcarvings of Buddhist texts and poems made in meditation with eyes shut. Carved pieces, such as "Two Poems on a hair" and "The Art of War" with 5000 Chinese characters carved onto Shou Shan stone measuring 33 x 70 cm. A joint show took place at The Model, Sligo (2002).

Chen ZhongSen's solo shows and performances around Ireland, Included the Rubicon Gallery and The Chester Beatty Library(2002), where "The Diamond Sutra" is now held with other of his micro-carvings in the CBL collection.

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Chen ZhongSen Works
Nick Miller -INNOCENCE
Installation: Chen + Miller : East + West

The Diamond Sutra, Chen ZhongSen. 40 x 50 mm. Microcarving.
Collection of Chester Beatty Library, Dublin
Chen ZhongSen working, 2002

Enclosed Form, Nick Miller,(innocence series)
Private collection, Dublin
Dream of what could be, Chen ZhongSen