Receeding Tide, Rosses Point

Selected Works: May 2nd- June 1st 2013

Hamilton Gallery
4 Castle St Sligo

To coincide with a show of  "Emerging Artists" curated by Alice Lyons that includes my late father's work Hilton Miller (1931-2012) at The DOCK in Carrick-on-Shannon (opening Friday 3rd May),  I am showing "Selected Works" at the Hamilton Gallery in Sligo, the first time I have shown the Sligo 'Truckscapes'  in their home county. (Opening a day before the Dock Show on Thursday on 2nd May). 

Nick Miller’s Sligo based landscapes painted from his mobile studio have been shown across the world to critical acclaim, but this is the first time they will be shown in the county in which they are painted and where he has lived since the early 1990’s. It is over a decade since he last showed in the Model, Sligo, in 2002 with the Chinese artist, Chen Zhongsen “Chen + Miller: East- West”, and nearly 20 years since The Model also showed his 1994 IMMA exhibition  “South African Works.Nick Miller likens landscape to portraiture, and is consumed with the demands of addressing present reality, rather than something abstract. His work with landscape feeds off the intensity and immediacy of encountering the world at close quarters, and attempts to hold the urgency of that connection in paint.  Opening the doors of his truck - his mobile studio, he intensively painted the Sligo landscape in this manner from 1997 to 2012 when the truck was finally decommissioned.