Film: Painting Patrick after Venus & Olympia (installation preview)
HD Video projection, duration 22 Minutes.

Sitter: Patrick Perring
Music: “Trumpet Vibe Cello Piano” by Kevin Volans.
Editor: Colm Farrell.
Producer: Tom Weir/Janey pictures

Film and painting © Nick Miller 2011,
Courtesy Rubicon Gallery Dublin
Music © Kevin Volans Courtesy of Chester Music

Painting Patrick: After Venus & Olympia

In this multimedia piece Nick Miller draws our attention to the tradition of the reclining nude in art. Taking his lead from the canon of reclining Venuses from Titian to Manet, Miller replaces the traditional female object of desire with a matter-of-fact male presence, exploring issues of exposure and modesty. The accompanying film, set to ‘Trumpet Vibe Cello Piano’ by Kevin Volans (an internationally-celebrated composer known for his work with artists such as William Kentridge and Jurgen Partenheimer), offers an intimate view of the collaboration between artist and sitter, and the process and practice of applying paint.

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Patrick after Venus & Olympia. 2011, Oil on linen. 182 x 214cm
Manet's Olympia, Painting, Venus, Titian