YARD 2012 / Steel Yard 2013

Steel Yard, Mountain and trailer,2012
Oil on linen. 183 x 214 cm
Alt image: Trailer, yard & mountain. Photo, 2012


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The Irish Times Aidan Dunne, The Ticket, 21 Sept 2012 (online link)
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The Sunday Independent, "What Lies Beneath", Niall Macmonagle, 7 Oct 2012
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8 September – 26 October 2012

Nick Miller’s landscapes painted from his mobile studio have been shown across the world to critical acclaim. The truck from which they are painted now sits immobile in what may be it’s final resting place; a steel yard at the back of his current studio, in the lee of the imposing and iconic mountain, Ben Bulben, in Co Sligo. Since moving to this studio in 2007, Miller has repeatedly returned to and painted this final ‘truck view’.

This show centres on a selection of new and unseen works that are focused on the mountain, the yard and the metal that lies in the foreground. In the contrast between metal and nature in Miller’s work, we are really confronted with wider questions of our relationship between Culture and Nature. The repeated cycles of life, growth and death are closer to real permanence than metal or machine. Beauty is found equally in the rusting man-made remnants of human construction, and in the rising mountain landscape of Ben Bulben. But in Miller’s work the pervading intensity of the natural world seems always to hold dominance over our temporary endeavours. We sense from the paintings, that whatever we do or try to do, it will, given time, be re-absorbed by the natural world.

Miller likens landscape to portraiture, and is consumed with the demands of addressing present reality, rather than something abstract. His work with landscape feeds off the intensity and immediacy of encountering the world at close quarters, and attempts to hold the urgency of that connection in paint.

Press Release Rubicon Gallery (PDF)

Steel Yard, studio view 2013
Oil on linen. 102 x 122 cm
Alt image:
Steel Yard, Truck and birds, 2013
Oil on linen. 168 x 183cm
WINTER SUN 29 November 2013 – 4 January 2014
Ann Dowker ~ Derek Hyatt ~ John Kiki ~ Nick Miller

Art Space Gallery London
Michael Richardson Contemporary art
84 St. Peter's Street, London N1 8JS Tel: 020 7359 7002

Art Space Gallery’s Winter Sun exhibition. Being the final exhibition of the year it has become traditional to use the event as a showcase for the work of artists who will feature in the following year’s programme. This year Ann Dowker, Derek Hyatt and John Kiki offer a foretaste of 2014 alongside guest artist Nick Miller.

These new works continue the subject of the studio environs, a rural steel yard in Co Sligo. These paintings are made from the viewpoint of the studio door/loading bay rather than in the mobile studio. In
Steel Yard, Truck and birds, the truck itself becomes subject.