New work using Casein paint on Arches paper mounted on Aluminum composite following the Albers Foundation Tree House 360 project that focus on extending vision by addition in sections. A variety of temporary studios are established for each piece depending on location, continuing an approach to Landscape as Portraiture.

Close to Hand (PDF) Crawford Gallery, Cork, 2010

Temporary Studios on Inish Turk Beg Residency 2010

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Inish Turk Beg
Exhibition, Dublin, March 2010

Inish Turk Beg. Residency, 2010

Documentary photos

Close to Hand

Painitings: Close to hand
Crawford Gallery, 2010

Inish Turk Beg, 360 degrees.  28 x 612 cm (8 panels each 28 x 76 cm). Casein on arches 300lb mounted on Aluminum composite