Apertures & Anxieties: Artists celebrate 300 years of Trinity’s School of Medicine

For the past two years the school of medicine at Trinity College Dublin has collaborated with the Royal Hibernian Academy. Eleven artists were invited to celebrate 300 years of the school by working closely with staff and students. Aideen Barry, Megan Eustace, Andrew Folan, Nick Miller, Ciaran Murphy, Maria McKinney, Theresa Nanigan, Abigail O’Brien, Eilis O’Connell, Garrett Phelan and Grace Weir spent time in departments ranging from anatomy to neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry and social medicine

RHA Galleries I , II & III 18 November- 21st December 2011

1.Amygdala, 2009. mixed media on paper / aluminium composite. 72 x 105 cm
2.To the moon, 2010. mixed media on paper / aluminium composite. 72 x 105 cm
1.Installation detail: Apertures & Anxieties , RHA gallery III (2011)
2.Installation detail: Apertures & Anxieties , RHA gallery III (2011)
1.Absent: mind & matter (1984-2011)
Mixed media installation and video projection (86 seconds looped). 164 x 80 x 50 cm.
Absent: mind & matter (1984-2011) DETAIL Video still
video projection (86 seconds looped).

DEATIL of internal video projection

video clip
The Absent Mind: Nick Miller, catalogue text, 2011 (pdf)

Irish Times (web link) PDF
For this exhibition Miller completed a body of work begun in an earlier period but completed through his 2 year association with the Medical School. Focused on the relationship between mind and matter with particular interest in the role of attention, consciousness and of the nature of mind. The resulting work involves anatomy paintings of the brain, a sculptural installation with video projection and a series of paintings concerned with internal thought processes and brain function. More...