Selected works from on-going portraits paintings started in the early 1990's.

Various individual portraits have been shown in exhibitions such as:
Genre (2004) Closer (2000) Standing,Sitting,Lying (2007)
On Meeting

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"Portrait of John McGahern"(1998) and "Portrait of Barrie Cooke "(2000 )can both be seen in the Niland Collection.
"Portrait of Patrick Hall"(1993) and the drawing "Corban"(1996) can be seen as part of the
IMMA collection.

Brian O'Doherty & Barbara Novak, Studio 2011
Portrait of Brian O'Doherty & Barbara Novak, 2011
Exhibited in association with Postwar American Art at the Glucksman Gallery, 2011
Portrait of Barrie Cooke, 2009
Portrait of John Hogan, 2004. Collection Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane

40 Days, 40 People, 40 Portraits
An ongoing project fro a studio in Williamsburg, NY
Painting a portrait each day of a new person