Studio Viewing Room
Newsletter, 2021
Sitters from the deep

In the Studio viewing room, In the absence of human sitters in lockdowns, some strange oceanic visitors beaching at Rosses Point, Co Sligo.

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In the studio. Co Sligo 2020/21

A Blue Shark, and a Harbour Porpoise, just two of the oceanic beasts that washed ashore during the last few months. They become post mortem sitters in the studio before being returned to the sea on the outward high tide. Sad, beautiful, otherworldly, and very odd to paint. They give food for thought for my daily dawn swims in the nearby Atlantic. Thanks to
Alice Lyons, for sending me to the Blue Shark and Maeve Howley for the Porpoise
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Young Blue 2020-21 | oil on linen | 127 x 107 cm
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Harbour Porpoise 2021 | Watercolours WIP
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Image 1: Cartilage skull of the young Blue Shark Image 2: Second beach at Rosses Point, Co Sligo 2021

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